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Condition Scale

The condition of a used bicycle can be a very subjective thing. The owner may see the condition of his bike differently then the buyer. It is for that reason that we offer a guideline condition scale to assist you in determining how a bike may rate, according to our program. What follows is how we rate a bike, based on certain variables. Apply these when determining the condition of your bike and input that when filling out the quote form on our website.


As new from a retail bike shop with full manufacturers warranty intact. Bike will have little to no signs of wear. May have been test ridden 4 or 5 times with minor shop wear. Exceedingly low mileage, a bike in this condition will have less then 50 miles on it. Braking surfaces will have little to no signs of usage. Decals and paint are in perfect condition. Bike will have no scratches, dings or dents and will need no reconditioning.


A bike in excellent shape will have moderate ride time under its belt. Frame and fork may have minor scratches or scuffs, and the chain stays may show some minor signs of chain slap. Decals may show minor signs of wear, but are not peeling and are still legible. Wear to shifters or bar wrap may be seen, with minimal scratches to the shifters (often the case from bikes being leaned or propped up against walls etc.) The top caps of road shifters may show minor scratches but are still legible. Mountain bikes will have no chain suck on the bottom bracket shell from dislodged chains. Wheels rotate smoothly with no play in the bearings and no damaged spokes, and should show to be true with no wheel hop. Components may have some minor scratches and all moving components work as designed. Finally, saddle and tires should be in good condition with plenty of life left.


A bike in this condition will have been well used and will need some refurbishment, such as new tires, saddle or bar wrappings/grips. Limited mechanical servicing may also be needed. Cosmetically, the frame will appear well used, with more than a few scratches. Graphics may show cracking or peeling. Frame may have a couple of small dings but no dents. Top caps on road bikes may be scratched up and partly illegible. Wheels may need truing and may show significant wear to the braking surfaces. Top caps on road shifter are scraped up and possibly unreadable. Hubs or headset may need an overhaul and the components can show cosmetic scratches.


A bike in fair condition has been ridden extensively and shows significant signs of its travels. Cosmetically, the bike will have numerous scratches and possibly even a dent or two, but not in critical areas such as tube junctions. Frames graphics are faded or peeling and the paint finish may be likewise. Bike may have been dropped or even crashed in its history. Top caps to road shifters will be cracked and/or badly scratched. Wheels are in need of rebuilding or even replacement, as evidenced by wheel hop, being out of true, or the braking surfaces are badly worn. Mechanically, component and suspension bushings, spring and pivots may be worn and affect smooth operation. Headset or hubs likely need rebuilding/replacement. Chain rings/cassette are worn to the point of needing replacement. Saddle and bar tape/grips will need replacement.

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